Our Menu

Sandwich Selections

* Denotes sandwich served heated

The Prideful Pig * – Triple pork wow! Pulled pork, sliced ham and smoked bacon, topped with American cheese and gold BBQ sauce then pressed on our panini bread. 7.89

New! Cobb Quesadilla * – Flour tortilla, shredded mozzarella, Bleu cheese, chicken, bacon, diced tomato and avocado. Griddle pressed and served with Ranch dressing. 7.89

Cuban Quesadilla * – Flour tortilla, Swiss & cheddar cheeses, pulled pork, ham, dill pickles & mustard. 6.49

Turkey Pesto Grilled Cheese * – Roasted turkey breast, pesto cream cheese, American cheese, tomatoes and spinach on butter grilled rustic bread. 6.49

New! “Not Yo’ Daddys” Grilled Cheese*Butter & griddle toasted Texas toast – with locally made “Not Yo’ Daddy’s” hot sauce – on the outside – then loaded with American, provolone and cheddar cheeses. 4.69

New! Big Bopper Jalapeno Popper * –  Cheddar encrusted Texas toast filled with cream cheese, bacon, pickled jalapenos and more cheddar cheese! 7.69

New! Chameleon Egg Salad Sandwich – Our house made egg salad, sweet pickle relish, lettuce and tomato on Ideal bakery Texas toast. 6.29 Full / 4.29 Half          **Does not contain actual Chameleon eggs.

Chicken Salad Sandwich – Ideal bakery Texas toast, lettuce, tomato, house made chicken salad.          6.99 Full / 4.49 Half

The” BLT *– Ideal bakery Texas toast, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, candied bacon, cheddar cheese and mayo. 6.99 Full / 4.49 Half

Wrap Selections

Caprese Wrap – Floured tortilla, pesto cream cheese, diced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, mixed greens and a balsamic glaze. 8.59

Fan Favorite! Turkey Bacon Ranch Wrap – Floured tortilla, sliced turkey, crisp bacon, cheddar & Swiss cheeses, tomatoes, mixed greens and Ranch dressing. 8.59

Italian Wrap – Floured tortilla, ham, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, banana peppers, mixed greens, tomato and Balsamic Herb Mayo. 6.99

Asian Chicken Wrap – Floured tortilla roasted chicken, diced pineapple, toasted almonds, mixed greens, mozzarella & provolone cheeses, pickled vegetables and our Soy-Ginger dressing. 6.99

Salad Selections

New! Backyard BBQ Salad – Mixed greens topped with roasted corn, peppers & onions, diced tomatoes, mozzarella, smokey BBQ pulled pork and fresh avocado.  Served with Ranch dressing. 8.29

New! Judo Chop Salad – Mixed greens, Bleu cheese, bacon, pepperoni, roasted red peppers, tomatoes and cannelini beans – Judo chopped and tossed. Dressing choice on the side. 7.79 Full / 4.99 Half

Sweet Spinach Salad – Spinach, strawberries, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, feta cheese, candied pecans and raspberry dressing. 7.49 Full / 4.79 Half

Savory Spinach Salad – Spinach, boiled egg, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, chopped bacon and red onions. Served with our Hot Bacon dressing. 5.89 Full / 3.99 Half

Roasted Corn & Kale – Kale greens, carrots, smoked Gouda cheese, fire roasted corn, peppers & onions, boiled egg, toasted almonds and crispy tortilla chips. Served with our maple mustard dressing. 6.49 Full / 4.29 Half

Chicken Salad Salad Mixed greens topped with our house made chicken salad, diced tomatoes & cucumbers, cheddar cheese and hand crafted garlic croutons.          Served with Honey Dijon dressing. 6.99 Full / 4.49 Half

Dressing Options
– Vegan Option : Ranch

  • Hot Bacon
  • Ranch
  • White French
  • Maple Mustard
  • Honey Dijon
  • Greek
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Raspberry

Pair your sandwich, wrap or salad

with our house made soup

8 oz Cup – Served with oyster crackers 3.50

16oz Bowl – Served with oyster crackers 6.00

Add a toasted baguette with butter .99

Quarts of soup available for catering or as an easy dinner option